School Uniform

We encourage the wearing of school uniform as it adds to the sense of community
within the school and reduces the need for unnecessary expenditure for parents to
meet changes in fashion. Our uniform consists of blue sweatshirts and turquoise
polo shirts with the school logo, available from Zippy Embroidery in Grantown on
Spey. These worn with grey, navy or black skirts or trousers provide a smart and
comfortable uniform. Shorts and T-shirts should be worn for gym and shoes or
slippers worn indoors. Labelling clothing is strongly recommended to help with
identification and prevent the loss of items.

You can find Zippy Embroidery in Grantown on
Spey on the link below.

Abernethy Primary Uniforms

Second hand uniform- Lets reduce, reuse and recycle

We like to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible at Abernethy. Our active parent council can provide second hand uniforms. You can drop any unwanted uniform items to the school office for collection by the parent council. The items are washed and sold at a reduced rate. All profits raised go directly to the school fund. If you would like to drop off or pick up any second hand uniform items please inquire via the school office.