After School Clubs

Art and Craft Club

Art Club restarts for 2019-2020 on Wednesday 28th August.

Art and Craft club offers P3-7 pupils the opportunity to have fun while exploring a wide variety of techniques e.g drawing, sewing, collage, knitting, weaving, book making and printing to name a few. It also provides the pupils with the chance to look more closely at the world in which they live.

Rona Smith, artist and ex-teacher, delivers the sessions from 2.55pm-5.00pm weekly and a £2 donation covers the cost of materials.

Golf Coaching

Golf coaching with Rona Smith restarts on Friday 23rd August at 1.30pm.

Nature Club

Saranne will continue with Nature Club ‘Saranne Style’. Dates for 2019-2020 are below. Nature Club is for P4-7 from 3.30pm-5pm.

  • Thurs 12th September
  • Thurs 14th November
  • Thurs 12th December
  • Thurs 16th January
  • Thurs 13th Feb
  • Thurs 12th March
  • Thurs 14th May
  • Thurs 18th June
  • Thurs 3rd September
  • Thurs 5th November
  • Thurs 10th December